Welcome to the Old Catholic Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.

We are one of 5 Dioceses within the The Old Catholic Church: Province of the United States. We are a growing and vibrant diocese and would love to hear from you.

The name “Old Catholic” can be confusing. Most people hear "Catholic" and think of Rome, the Pope, the Vatican – “Roman Catholic”, in other words. "Old Catholic" sounds to some like “conservative” or “old-fashioned”. However, Old Catholic views are quite different. Check out our website and learn more about us.

Meditation on the Feast of the Baptism of Christ

The holy day of lights, to which we have come and which we are celebrating today, has for its origin the baptism of my Christ, the true Light that lightens everyone coming into the world, and effects my purification…. It is a season of new birth: let us be born again! We duly celebrated at his birth – I, the one who presided at the feast, and you, and all that is in the world and above the world.

Epiphany Prayer

A prayer to be used all year long, reminding us of the ultimate meaning of our lives.Jesus, as the Magi offered you their finest gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh,may I offer you every day of my lifethe GOLD of loving words and deeds,the INCENSE of continual prayer,and the MYRRH of my sufferings and self denial. Amen.

Meditation on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

Jesus surrendered himself in his death unconditionally to the absolute mystery that he called his Father, into whose hands he committed his existence, when in the night of his death and God-forsakenness he was deprived of everything that is otherwise regarded the content of a human existence: life, honor, acceptance in earthly and religious fellowship, and so on.

Dream for the Church

Let us dream of a church...
in which all members know surely and simply God’s great love, and each is certain that in the divine heart we are all known by name.
In which Jesus is very Word, our window into the Father’s heart; the sign of God’s hope and his design for all humankind.
In which the Spirit is not a party symbol, but wind and fire in everyone; gracing the church with a kaleidoscope of gifts and constant renewal for all.

National Assembly 2013

This year, the Diocese of New England will be hosting the National Assembly.

Bishop Visits Upstate NY

Bishop Michael will be visiting Crossroads Old Catholic Community on Sunday July 21st at 5 PM in order to officially receive the community into TOCCUSA. The community will meet for dinner at Down Hill Grill following the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Bishop Visits TN

Bishop Scalzi will make his annual visit to St. Francis Old Catholic Church to officialy welcome the parish to the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.


We would like to welcome you to the Old Catholic Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic's new website. Please check back over the coming days as we will be updating and adding information to our new website.


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